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Chess – origins and history

Many people around the world are fascinated by the game of chess. You can challenge your mind and find solutions or moves for different complex situations on the checkerboard. From amateurs to professionals, this strategy sport has become a massive form of entertainment for millions of persons. Spend your time in the company of interesting personalities and make new memories that will last a lifetime. Choose your chess game from Ok Sachy and have some fun.

Although chess has been present in numerous cultures throughout history, there is no certainty when it comes to the person who invented it. There has been conducted a detailed research on the origin of the game, but the historians have yet to find a conclusion. While some claim that chess is the result of combined elements of other activities, others believe that it started in India or China in the 6th century and then spread to other countries in Arabia.

There is a legend that revolves around the Indian theory. It can teach you more about life and humans than you could learn from trivial things like a video game on http://www.camplace.com. The story is about a king who ruled as a despot and a man who invented the chess game so that the king may learn that everybody in his kingdom is important. The king understood the lesson very well and ordered everyone to play it.

When the ruler asked its inventor what he wishes as a present, the man responded that he wants one piece of wheat for the first square of the chessboard and he should double up the amount on the next ones. After the servants calculated the total, they were all amazed that there were not enough grains for him. In the end, the man offered his emperor another lecture about the significance of small things.

From the Indian land, chess expanded to Persia where it became part of the noble education. After the Muslims conquered the country, the game was also adopted by the Arabian lands which later spread to the Southern parts of Europe. Here, it evolved to its current form of the 15th century. In the 1800s, there were organized competitions and a timing system that triggered the game’s popularity. The 21st century came with a computer platform for it.