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Facts you did not know about chess

Throughout history, chess has suffered many changes, but still remains a popular choice for people these days. Due to the intellectual abilities it requires and opportunity for new friends, it would be a pity if you miss on a game that challenges you on different levels. Make things more fun and impress your buddies with some interesting facts at the next tournament.

It is well-known that chess requires from its players a good amount of patience and concentration as it can last for several hours. The longest match in history took place in 1989 and consisted in 269 moves. Although it lasted over 20 hours, the competition ended with a draw. But you can finish the contest with a checkmate really quick as there are only two steps for that.

The chessboard that you know today with squares that alternate in bright and dark tones was invented in 1090. Its folding came from a priest in the 12th century. The Christian Church was against this activity because it served as a strategy for wars and players used a dice. Given the situation, the preacher hid his board and folded it in half.

Nowadays everyone can play this sport. However, in the past only kings and nobles played it in their gardens as a pastime. While men played with each other, women also did it with their acquaintances from the same gender. Anyone from the upper classes knew the rules. This is the reason why chess has been called the game of kings.

Chess is a wonderful recreation for those who need entertainment after a long day at work. It is also perfect for a Sunday afternoon with your family members or friends. You can spend time together and train your mind in the most unique way. Develop your tactics and take pleasure in every moment of the game. Share the latest facts you learned about chess and enjoy the competition!