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Best chess players of all times

Chess history is rich in fantastic players who have influenced the way this sport is played. With their creative mind, patience and flair, there is no wonder that they have surprised the entire world with their moves and ideas. While some of them have had short careers and others longer, it is essential that you check out their great performances and individual contributions.

One of the most exceptional players of all times is Bobby Fischer. He started from the young age of 14 and from then on has won numerous titles and international championships with his perfect scores in consecutive games. Fischer amazed with his hard work that eventually paid excellent results and followed the ideas of Paul Morphy who dominated the 1850s with his talent.

Garry Kasparov is another unique competitor. He won the World Champion at only 22 and was considered number one all his career due to his big number of consecutive victories. Even when he lost to others in tournaments, he outperformed his opponents and was an experienced attacker. Kasparov dominated the competitions for a long period of time and is very famous among the fans.

Jose Capablanca is the perfect candidate for the best players in history. He overshadowed his rivals in the 1920s with his matchless brilliance. Well-known for his endgame skill, simplicity and impressive agility, he was a real chess gem for his era. Paul Morphy astonished with his abilities from the age of 9 and has reached his high status in the field through his own teachings.

The nowadays chess would not be the same without Emanuel Lasker. He was good at endgames and has had one of the few impeccable scores of all times. His dominance lasted for a long 27 years. All these influential personas have turned this sport into a popular activity. While the chess game is worth everyone’s love, these heroes have won the respect and appreciation of all.